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Gold Medal Ceremony 2008

Gold 2009
The 2009 Gold Medal Ceremony was a huge sucess with 190 Gold Medalists coming into Washington, DC, for the annual event. Eighty-five Gold Medalists participated in the 2009 Week-Long program, exploring the Nation's Capital. Additional information about the 2009 Gold Events can be found on the Gold 2009 Page.

Gold 2010
As we finalize plans for the Gold 2010 calendar of events, we do want to remind participants that wish to participate in the 2010 Gold Medal Ceremony in Washington, DC, about upcoming deadlines:

2/1/2010 - Gold Medal Record Books MUST be postmarked, faxed or emailed to the National Office. We do not recommend sending materials via UPS, FedEx, or Registered Mail as these options often add steps to the mail process, which often leads to misplaced or lost packages within the Post Office. If you are concerned about your submission, you may contact the National Office. Please allow a week after you sent the submission for travel and processing time.

3/15/2010 - Final Revisions MUST be postmarked, faxed or emailed to the National Office.

4/1/2010 - All Gold Medal Record Books must be approved for the Gold 2010 Ceremony.

Financial Aid Request Forms for Waived or Reduced Fee for the Week-Long Program are due.

4/17/2010 - Gold Week-Long RSVPs and Payment must be received in the National Office.

5/1/2010 - ALL RSVPs and Biographies must be received in the National Office. Even if a medalist is not planning on attending the 2010 Ceremony, a biography and RSVP Form should be submitted. If a Medalist is requesting additional seats to the Ceremony and/or Reception, this request must be in writing to by this date.

Please check the Gold Webpage for Information. This will be updated as dates and events are confirmed.

  Message from the National Board

Kathryn Weeden, National Board of DirectorsAs an educator and lifelong learner, I am intrigued by the only program established by Congress "to promote initiative, achievement, and excellence among youths in the areas of public service, personal development, and physical and expedition fitness." Public Law 96-114 was passed on November 16, 1979, during the 96th Congress and established a Congressional Award Board with its mission being to establish and administer a program to be known as the Congressional Award Program. As a new appointee to the Congressional Award Board and as the principal of the United States Senate Page School, I endorse and support the standards set by the Congressional Award Board of Directors. It is surprising that more people are not aware of this excellent opportunity for youth.

In my opinion, every community in the nation should have an extension of this program with willing volunteers to serve as mentors to the youth who choose to set goals for achievement in the four identified program areas. Every community can profit by promoting this program to its youth and encouraging those who participate. The good works and projects of the involved youth will only widen the circle of those who will be inspired to commit and contribute to the greater good of the community and who will raise their personal standards for experiential growth. The potential for good that the Congressional Award Program offers is limitless.

Recruiting youth to this program, raising funds to support the program, and educating community leaders about the possibilities of the program are responsibilities of Board members. As such, my request is for all parties to the program, whether Members of Congress, Board members, volunteer mentors, past medal winners, or current program participants, to reach out to youth who may not know of the program, who may profit from exposure to goal setting and attainment, who may be previously disenfranchised in the community, or who may be new to the community or even to our country. Reach out to any youth who wishes to rise to a personal challenge and end up better for doing that. Actively encourage participation in the Congressional Award Program. Actively solicit new participants in your schools, churches, and community outreach groups through presentations to groups, personal conversations, letters to editors of local papers, or short articles in newsletters. Use all of the resources you have to educate and invite participation. The national office for the Congressional Award Program will provide requested informational materials upon request. Feel free to call them at (202) 226-0130. Together we can make 2010 a record year for the numbers of participants in the Congressional Award Program.

Kathryn Weeden
US Senate Page School

  Participant Spotlight

Bronze Medalist Ashley Eisert with her sisterAshley Eisert’s parents have always pushed her to challenge herself, to set goals and find something new.  “As I reached each goal, I loved the sense of accomplishment and pride I felt and enjoyed sharing my achievements with friends and family,” said Ashley.  “The more I did, the more I desired to set even more challenging goals and explore and get involved in new adventures and activities.”  Ashley has her sights set on earning the Gold Medal by 2011, and she is well on her way having already earned her Congressional Award Bronze Medal and Girl Scout Gold Award this year.  Ashley reached out to her community of Papillion, Neb., collecting over 2,000 books to build the “Children’s Story Corner & Listening Station” at the Omaha Children’s Hospital.  Unloading the books on Christmas Day in 2008, Ashley saw the smile and happiness that one small Spiderman pop-up book could bring to child’s eyes.  “Although it is nice to receive awards,” said Ashley, “I feel a great deal of pride and happiness sharing my accomplishments with others and encouraging them to set their own goals and make the choice to make the most of each day.”

  Congressional Spotlight

Congressman Tom RooneyFrom an early age Congressman Tom Rooney (FL16) has been involved in community service.  Before his election to the House of Representatives, Congressman Rooney served as the director of a center for neglected and abused children in West Palm Beach, Florida.  “I learned very early on in life how important it is to become involved in your community and how rewarding of an experience it can be to help others,” recalled Congressman Rooney.  His experience with community service inspired the Congressman to become involved with the Congressional Award program.  “The Congressional Award is an incredibly valuable program that teaches youth the importance of getting involved and serving their community," said Rooney. “There is no other program like the Congressional Award that helps prepare young people to meet goals and encourages them to get involved.”   Congressman Rooney's staff member Betsy Gibson dedicates time to promoting the Congressional Award in Florida's 16th District, working with schools and the local Red Cross. On November 2, 2009, Congressman Rooney presented 65 young medalists with their Congressional Awards.

  Annual Congressional Award Golf Classic

Congressional Award Gold ClassicThe 15th Annual Congressional Award Golf Classic was held on July 27, 2009, at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. Special thanks to all of our Sponsors, including Title Sponsor Assurant Health. We had our largest turn out yet with over 120 Golfers showing their support for America's youth. Additional information about the day can be found here.

Mark your Calendars! The 16th Annual Golf Classic is set for April 26, 2010. To request sponsorship information for this year's tournament, please contact


Annual Congressional Award Charity Poker Tournament

Champion Poker Player Phil Ivey pictured at the Conclusion of the 2009 Charity Poker TournamentThe 4th Annual Congressional Award Charity Poker Tournament was on October 14, 2009, with Special Host, Mr. Phil Ivey. Thank you to all of our Sponsors, including Title Sponsor BlueCross BlueShield Association. We had our largest turn out yet with over 110 players going all in for charity. Additional information about the evening can be found here.

To request sponsorship information for this year's tournament, please contact

Conrgessman Eric Cantor, Gold Medalist Jaqueline Bedsaul, and National Board Member John Falk.
Congresswoman Doris Matsui pictured with Medlist Adam Greenberg
Irish Arts preforms for the 2009 Missouri State Ceremony

  Gold Intern Opportunity

Congressional Award Gold MedalOpportunities are available for past Congressional Award Gold Medalists to apply for semester internship positions at the Congressional Award National Office in Washington, DC. The intern will work with Program Managers to promote the Congressional Award to Members of Congress, youth organizations, schools, Congressional Award Advisors and state/local media. He/she will assist in program operations and events throughout the semester. The intern must be an innovative thinker and team player. An effective candidate will have excellent writing and interpersonal skills. Please submit a letter of interest with resume and writing sample to the National Office, attention: Kathleen Deschler.

  Share Your Pictures and Experiences with Us!!!
  If you have pictures of a ceremony or stories regarding the Congressional Award, please send them to us via email at