Register Now

There are two ways to register for The Congressional Award – online or via hard copy. Either way, you will still need to send in the signed waiver and one time $15 registration fee. If you register online, your information is downloaded directly into our system. You may start counting activities as of the date you registered online or signed your waiver. You may not count activities logged before your registration. You cannot move your start date back to count previously completed activities. The program is about goal setting and working on specific activities to meet those goals. We cannot backdate registration dates.

You cannot go back and complete the online form once submitted. Before your register, you should have the following information on hand:

Advisor Name and Contact Information
You can change your Advisor at any time, but to get started we do ask that you have an Advisor in mind. You must choose an adult other than your parents, relatives, or peers to serve in this capacity. You will need to include their contact information (address, phone, and email). Once we process your registration, your Advisor will receive a welcome email from us about their role in the program. We do not share Advisor information with third parties.

Partnering Organization
Let us know if you are affiliated with any of our partners! We like to keep these organizations up to date regarding participation in the Congressional Award. As the program is non-competitive, many activities you complete through similar organizations can be counted towards your award. You do not need to have an affiliation in order to register for the Congressional Award.