Announcing 2017 Gold Medal Theme

We’re issuing a challenge to our Gold Medalists this year – Go & Do!

As one of only 373 nationwide recipients of this coveted award, you have accomplished something special. Along the way you’ve remained focused on reaching your goals, you’ve made lasting impacts in the communities and lives you’ve touched, and you’ve come out of this experience a more well-rounded, holistic citizen.

You have #EarnedIt, but your journey doesn’t end here.

While the Gold Medal Ceremony is the culmination of your hard work, it is not the finish line of your development or your responsibility to your community. As Congressman Joe Crowley (NY-14) said at a statewide ceremony earlier this spring, “Soon there won’t be medals given for the service you’ll do as adults, but you’ll do it for the space it fills in your heart.”

You have now assumed the mantle of leadership for the next generation. You must continue to make service to others and personal goal-setting a habit. We challenge you to continue to spend your time productively as you start college, enter the workforce, or tackle your next project.

Through your pursuit of The Congressional Award Gold Medal, you have equipped yourself with the tools and mindset to excel.

Now it’s time to GO & DO.

Every Gold Medalist will receive this year’s t-shirt as a reminder of all you have accomplished, and a calling to continue your quest for success.

Share your journey to the Gold Medal on social media using #gold2017.