Alumni Promotion


Thank you for your eagerness to serve and remain involved as an alumni member. Our most powerful promotional tool is to have alumni like yourself share your story and issue a challenge to other young people to participate in this invaluable program. If you’re interested in affording this opportunity to area youth, schools and organizations, and corporate leaders in your community, please see below for resources to aid your efforts.

Additional inquiries and request for resources may be made at

There are a few easy and effective ways to promote this program to those in your network, including:

  1. Utilize and share The Congressional Award website.
  2. Serve as a social media ambassador by connecting your audience with the program through social media channels like Facebook, InstagramTwitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.
  3. Join the Alumni Giving Campaign.
  4. Organize meetings and presentations to recruit new participants. Use the informational presentation as a guide.
  5. Request printed and electronic materials from the National Office as visual aids for your promotion.
  6. Establish a Congressional Award club at your school, work place, or organization.
  7. Author an announcement about the program through your local press, school/work newsletter, and appropriate communication forums.
  8. Share your Congressional Award journey and inspire others to participate by submitting an alumni narrative on our website.
  9. Serve as an advisor or validator for local youth pursuing the award.
  10. Join our email list to keep a pulse on news and updates near you.