Fernando L. Miranda-Fred

How did you earn the Congressional Award?

I earned the congressional award through the support of those around me and my own personal hard work and perseverance. It was a tough but very fulfilling journey I would recommend to anyone looking for a challenge and a way to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

For this portion of the congressional award I volunteered at the Methodist Hospital in the San Antonio Medical Center. I also did various volunteer work through my boy scout troop serving local communities and families. 

Through my interest in serving and commitment to Boy Scouts of America organization, I did my Eagle Project at Haven for Hope, a homeless rehabilitation and education center. For this project I raised over $13,000 and remodeled the child and youth learning centers for the children of those currently staying on site.

Personal Development:
For my personal development portion, I familiarized myself with basic lessons in budgeting and personal financing. I used the software Quicken to track my daily expenses and create a spending portfolio.
Physical Fitness:
For my physical fitness I began to train as an olympic weightlifter at Lifetimes fitness with the help of the ALPHA strong classes. Using this experience I am now a member of the competitive weightlifting team at The University of Texas

I led a 14-day backpacking trip in Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana. I learned about conservation of ecosystems and extreme mental discipline
What are your current ambitions?
I am currently attending The University of Texas in Austin studying Business Finance and minoring in Philosophy of Law on the pre-law track. I hope to graduate in the year 2023 and then continue to pursue advanced studies at an accredited law school here in the United States with a focus on criminal and civil law.
Where do you find your motivation?
I would have to say my biggest source of motivation is my parents. They have had the greatest impact on me and my work ethic as they taught me at an early age hard work can accomplish anything. I would not be the person I am today nor would I have gotten the Congressional Award had it not been for the love and support.

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