Diversity Ambassadors Program

Diversity Ambassador Hero Background

Representation Matters.

We understand that our program should look like our nation.

The Congressional Award is an opportunity for ALL young people across our country. That's why we've established a youth volunteer corps that work diligently to bring the program to underserved and underrepresented communities.

Comprised of young alumni, our ambassadors work with local leaders and organizations to identify solutions to barriers like ease of access, socioeconomic status, and educational disparities.

2020-2022 Diversity Ambassadors

Learn more about the young people that deliver our message to local communities and encourage youth to become servant leaders.

Capri D'Souza
2017 Gold Medalist
Oak Ridge, NC

Alexandra Gomez
2018 Gold Medalist
Costa Mesa, CA

Nikhil Kapoor
2020 Gold Medalist
Irvine, CA

Ruhi Lankalapalli
2019 Gold Medalist
Sanford, FL

Shannon Leahy
2019 Gold Medalist
Neptune, NJ

John Monday
2016 Gold Medalist
Thousand Oaks, CA

Desiree Roby
2020 Gold Medalist
Clinton, MS


Samantha Wong
2019 Gold Medalist
Redwood City, CA

freedom tansley

Freedom Tansley
2019 Gold Medalist
Armed Forces Europe

Ambassador Blog Posts

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