Announcing GoPro Challenge Finalists

The Congressional Award and GoPro have partnered to give our participants the opportunity to uniquely record their Expedition/Exploration. We are hosting a contest to give away GoPro cameras and accessories to select participants to capture their adventure.

This contest is intended to challenge young people to travel to new destinations for their Expeditions or Explorations, immersing themselves in local cultures and environments while sharing their journey with the world.

The participants below have been selected as the first group of finalists in the challenge and will be have their GoPro cameras and equipment mailed at the end of January. Another round of the contest will initiate in the coming months, affording the opportunity to another group of participants to win GoPro cameras.

All video submissions must be uploaded to The Congressional Award and GoPro YouTube channels for review. The deadline to submit your video is 11:59 p.m. EST on August 15, 2017. One video will be selected as the Grand Prize Winner and will be notified by our national office via email on August 31, 2017.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive round-trip airfare for two and a one-night stay in Washington, D.C. to attend The Congressional Award Youth & Technology Dinner in Fall 2017, where the video will be showcased.


*Be sure to include your full name and the location of your Expedition/Exploration in the title of your video submission.

*Videos may not exceed 3 minutes in duration and should be at or under 500 MB for uploads. Original video files must be in .MPEG, .MOVE, .AVI, or .WMV format. Video should be shot horizontally.

Visit the contest rules page and watch the GoPro Studio Video Tutorial to learn more about editing and submitting your video.

Finalists may view an online version of their confirmation email here. All questions should be directed to the contest coordinator, Molly Geiser, at or (202) 226-0130.

Bergqvist, Kitt
Bitanga, Rafael
Bobbs, Adam
Bonner, Ian
Bonner, Caroline
Bugay, LeAnne
Cho, Daniel
Crockett, Grace
Dale, Wesley
Davis, Austin
Dylnicki, Corrin
Esrey, Catherine
Fleshman, Kendall
Flynn, Thomas
Frakes, Amy
Gerzina, Carolyn
Gerzina, Lindsey
Gibson, Ashley
Hepler, Charlotte
Jacobson, Caleb
Johnson, Rachel
Jones, Logan
Kramer, Gretchen

Lee, Amber
Liang, Catherine
Lindgren, Mark
Mabie, Anneliese
Marin-Quiros, Sofia
Matya, Mary
McCray, Reginald
McElroy-Fuchs, Quinn
Miller, Sarah
Moon, Brady
O’Neill, Annabel
Pao, Sophia
Parkes, Shelby
Parwani, Varun
Richards, Rosemary
Richards, Vanessa
Schroeder, Hannah
Smith, Catherine
Snorek-Yates, Aiden
Swanson, Emily
Tagman, Brogan
Yunus, Ahmed