Youth Wellness Dinner

The Congressional Award Foundation hosts an Annual Dinner with members of the Senate HELP and House Energy and Commerce Committees in Washington, DC to raise awareness of this congressional program for youth. Formerly hosted by the late Senator Ted Kennedy, this annual event provides an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats alike to come together in celebration of their only charitable foundation. Specifically, this dinner advocates the importance of civic engagement and physical health and fitness for youth – two of the main components of the Congressional Award program.

Childhood obesity is an issue that continues to be an ongoing focus on Capitol Hill, and we believe the Congressional Award program encourages activities that can prevent this epidemic from spreading to future generations of young people. The Congressional Award program challenges every young person to set and achieve physical fitness goals that are tailored to meet the needs and interests of each individual. These goals are to be met over an extended period of time so that youth begin by making small strides, which eventually lead to the development of lifelong habits where exercise and healthy choices become second nature and something that they truly enjoy. Through goal setting, working with an adult mentors and the early and continual recognition of achievements by community leaders, youth develop the motivation and tools to sustain a lifetime of health and wellness.

For additional information, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Erica Heyse at (202) 226-0130.