Program Book & Record Book

Have you set your goals? If not, choose an Advisor and get started.
Already achieved your goals? It is time to submit your Record Book!

Whether you are setting your goals for the first time or have already achieved your goals, you should use the Record Book to help develop goal statements and choose your activities.

When you have met your goals in all four program areas, complete your Record Book and submit to our National Office for review:

The Congressional Award
PO Box 77440
Washington, DC 20013

A complete Record Book submission must have goals in ALL four program areas (each goal should have a page), thoughtful, articulate responses to the prompts, and appropriate Advisor and Validator signatures.

We recommend making copies of your submission for your records. You may include accompanying documents to strengthen your submission (i.e. logs of hours, supporting literature) but DO NOT include anything of value or sentiment as we cannot return submissions.

Program Book – The official guide to earning Congress’ award for youth – complete with program requirements, best practices, and Record Book.

Full Page Spread Program Book

Single Page Program Book

Record Book – Participants document their activities and submit this form to earn the award.

Print Record Book

Writable PDF Record Book