Christian Chlebowski

How did you earn The Congressional Award?

My Congressional Award journey provided many opportunities for self-discovery and exploration–and it would not have been possible without the mentors who encouraged me every day to find my passions and learn about the world around me.

VPS: A focus of my Voluntary Public Service experience was interacting with patrons at the Somers Public Library. During the Summer Reading program, I supported children in elementary school by tracking reading progress, recommending books and experiences, and incentivizing continued reading growth. Throughout the year, I also assisted the Friends of the Somers Public Library at events and functions such as Snacks with Santa.

I also completed many hours with my local hospital auxiliary, where I provided support for both visitors and staff through engagement at the entrance of the hospital and through its gift shop. 

PD: As an aspiring accountant, my Professional Development goals centered around career preparation. Consequently, I joined Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and served as both a local chapter officer and as an advisor to the Connecticut state officer team; further, I conducted research into–and support of–the business environment in my hometown. Additionally, I engaged in experiential learning with a summer job at a local summer camp, The Summer Place at the University of Hartford.

PF: For Physical Fitness, I worked to become a healthier and more active individual. I successfully reduced my mile time, increased my swimming endurance, built daily exercise into my schedule, and strengthened my upper body with push-up and sit-up regimens.

EXP: I planned and executed two different cultural and historical trips. I went to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where I learned more about the Amish culture and conducted a comparison of the architectural/town structures of my local town and those in Lancaster County. I also explored many different aspects of Washington, D.C., including the American governmental structure as well as D.C.’s historical significance in social movements (such as the Abolitionist movement).

What are your current ambitions?

I am currently a junior at the University of Connecticut, and am
focused on gaining as much knowledge as I can about a variety of topics ranging from accounting to government and beyond. Academically, I aim to earn both my Bachelor of Science (in Accounting) and Bachelor of Arts (in Government, Policymaking, and Law) and continue my research into the financial underpinnings of the American space program. Professionally, I hope to start my career as an accountant once I graduate, and to earn my Certified Public Accountant license. Personally, I continue to dedicate my energies to exploring the world around me through traveling, reading, and writing!


Where do you find your motivation?

A lot of places! My family–mom, dad, and brother–are incredibly important to me and always inspire me to do my best. My friends and professors are another stalwart upon which I find my motivation; without them, I would most definitely not be the person I am today.

Beyond those close to me, I also find my motivation from many professionals I look up to in accounting and business, as they inspire me to dream big and push the bounds of my knowledge and abilities. Finally, I’m continually motivated by many of the insights included in one of my favorite books, The Phantom Tollbooth!

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