Congressional Offices

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There are several ways in which congressional offices can become involved.

Our Toolkits provide information on how to promote The Congressional Award. Download by clicking the button below – or contact us with any questions you may have.

Connect to Youth in your District

The youth of our nation are positively affected because Members of the United States Congress continue to make a strong and clear commitment to a program that makes a difference in the lives of young people.


There are youth in your district

Already participating in various programs and activities that could earn them a Congressional Award. Do not let them miss out on the recognition, scholarships, and opportunities this award can bring. Your community can benefit from the invaluable contribution Congressional Award participants make through their citizenship and service.

Congress’ highest honor for America’s youth.

The Congressional Award

The Congressional Award provides a structure for young Americans to learn the value of service, personal development, fitness, and citizenship through character forming experiences that shape tomorrow’s leaders and our country’s future.

The Congressional Award program is promoted throughout America by Members of Congress who share with their constituents this unique opportunity to provide today’s youth with the tools they need to thrive as adults.