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Want to map out your goals and activities before submitting?

Download the workbook resources by clicking the buttons above to draft out your goals, action plan, and log your hours and months of activity before submitting. Using this workbook is optional, but some participants prefer to use this offline version of the record book before submitting via Submittable (below).


Get started with your online record book – Submittable!

If you would like to submit in 2024 and this is your first Submittable record book:

  1. Create a new Submittable account or log in.
    Please note, participants were not given a login and they will need to make their own account if they have not done so already
  2. Select the 2024 form on the Submittable homepage and start your application.
  3. Submit your 2024 application when you are ready. 

Read our Submittable Guide for Participants here.

If you would like to submit in 2025, but already started a 2024 Submittable application, you will need to transfer your 2024 work to the 2025 form.

  1. Starting on January 1, 2025, select the new 2025 form on the Submittable homepage.
  2. Copy and paste your 2024 work to the new 2025 form.
    The old 2024 form will still be available to view for a short period of time, but participants will not be able to submit it.
  3. Participants will need to request signatures in the 2025 form, even if they have signatures in the 2024 form.
  4. Submit your 2025 record book when you are ready.

Read our Submittable Tips here.

You can enter your progress in the Congressional Award Workbook to save for now.

  1. Download the Congressional Award Workbook and Hour Log.
  2. Save or print a copy of the Workbook, and use it to track your hours, goals, activities. We recommend keeping a typed copy to make for an easy transfer to the official Record Book.
  3. Once you are ready to submit, transfer everything from your Workbook to the Record Book, which you can find on Submittable.
  4. Submit your Record Book!

Read our Submittable Guide for Participants here.

Request your Next Record Book -> (click here)

  1. Submit a request for a new Record Book at the link above.
  2. Log into your Submittable account and click Submissions.
  3. Click on the In Progress Record Book that was originally approved.
  4. Select the tab Forms.
  5. Click continue on your Next Congressional Award Level Record Book (It will also have your previous submission shown directly above it).

Please note: If you have not yet submitted an online record book via Submittable, please select the “I would like to submit my record book. This is my first Submittable record book” tab.

Looking for more help on Submittable? Check out our Submittable Support page.


Ready to Start Your Online Record Book?

Submit your Record Book online with Submittable! 

Click on the button above to access Submittable, our online submission website.

If it’s your first online record book submission, you’ll need to make a Submittable account.

Sign Up and Create a New Account
Participants will need to create their own log in and password. Please use the same email for the new account that you listed on your registration form. Keep this log in for future access. 

Note: participants were not given a log in from the Award and they must sign up to create an account.

Find Answers to
Your Questions!

Learn how to navigate the Submittable form: 

Did you start on a paper record book? No problem!
Learn how to transfer from paper to Submittable:

Ready to Submit for Another Level?

Fill out the form above if you would like a link to submit for an additional level of The Congressional Award.

If you have not yet submitted an online record book via Submittable, please scroll up and follow instructions for your first online submission and creating a new account.

Gain inspiration for Activities

Visit the activities page to read guidelines and activity examples to start your goal setting on the right track. 

Download the
Program Book

Watch the Video. Become Submittable-ready!

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Participant + Advisor Workshop

Join the national office for monthly workshops to learn the ins and outs of being a Congressional Award Participant and Advisor. We will cover common mistakes, do & don’ts, available resources, deadlines, presentations, Submittable, and more!

Virtual Accommodations

The Virtual Expedition is now a permanent accommodation we offer.

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