Virtual Expeditions & Explorations


Available until June 2022

Due to travel restrictions and safety concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants will be able to submit Virtual Expeditions/Explorations with modified guidelines through June 30, 2022.


Each participant will be required to choose a country/location and pick activities from the activity guide below to explore the history, culture, and customs of the location they have chosen. If multiple countries or locations are chosen, participants will be given the option to compare and contrast the locations through their activities and research. Participants will be required to submit a write-up about their activities. The write-up needs to include both 1) the italicized portions in the Activity Guide, and 2) all 1-7 questions from the Write-Up Guidelines. 

Submission Requirements

Bronze Certificate: 1 activity with a 1-page write-up
Silver Certificate: 2 activities with a 2-page write-up
Gold Certificate: 3 activities with a 3-page write-up
Bronze Medal: 4 activities with a 5-6-page write-up
Silver Medal: 5 activities with a 7-8-page write-up
Gold Medal: 6 activities with a 9-10-page write-up

Activity Guide

Be sure to include answers to the italicized portions for each activity that you choose. These are separate from the write-up guidelines on your expedition as a whole!

Virtual Museum Tours: Participate in a virtual tour of the museum(s) of your choice and discuss the history of some of your favorite pieces and how each influenced the history and culture of your chosen country.

National Park Tours: Embark on a virtual tour of a national park(s) and explore related topics (i.e. geology of the park, local flora/fauna, etc.) of your choice and discuss the geological make-up of the park, the wildlife, and how the park has changed over the years.

National/International Landmark Tours: Virtually visit a landmark and discuss its history as well as some facts that you learned from the tour.

Literary Art Review: Watch your favorite international film or read one of the classic books from your country. If you cannot find either a film or book, newspapers, articles, journals, and poetry are also acceptable. Provide a detailed write-up discussing the impact the film/book/scholarly work had on the country and how that literary work shaped thoughts and society during that time.

Documentary Review: Watch and review a documentary on a particular location and prepare a write-up discussing the movie.

Interview a Local: Take time to interview someone who lives in the country or works at the museum/landmark you are writing a report on. Your write-up should include details of the interview and what you learned from the discussion.

A Taste of the World: Prepare a favorite/new food that represents the location you are researching. Provide a detailed write-up on your preparation as well as the origins of the food or drink, if applicable. Many traditional foods have stories so be sure to include this in your write-up.

Architectural Review: Research and study buildings or structures from your chosen location and provide a detailed write-up on the influences, impacts, and history of the architecture. You may also compare and contrast architecture from different periods of time within your chosen location, or compare more than one location.

Write-Up Guidelines

If a participant chooses a Virtual Expedition/Exploration over a in-person Expedition/Exploration, the activity guide prompts and questions below will replace the questions on the standard Record Book Expedition/Exploration page.

    • Each write-up should fully address the prompts from the activity guide as well as the questions below.

1) What interests you about the topic you chose to learn about? Do you have a personal connection to the place or culture that you studied? Was this somewhere that you were planning to travel in person before you had to change your plans and stay home, or somewhere that you might never have thought to go on your own?

2) Why did you choose the specific activities? If you chose to consume media (art, literature, film, etc.) what drew you to the form that you chose? If you chose something hands-on, was this a skill you already possessed, or were you starting from scratch?

3) Did you have a specific plan about how you were going to complete your activities? Please discuss the steps you took to complete your required activities. How did you do your research? Did you search the internet for films to watch, or call someone who might be able to share recipes? Please be detailed about your journey from the planning stages to the finished product.

4) Did your activities raise any new questions for you about your topic? If you were going to start your project over, what would you do differently? Did you miss any important details in your original plan? If someone wanted to follow your plan, would they be fully immersed in your topic?

5) If you were traveling to learn about your topic in person, how would your experience have been different? How would being in a museum to learn about your topic have been different than learning it at home? Would you have faced a significant language barrier? Did you learn more about a part of the world that is either hazardous or logistically difficult to reach? How would travelling in person have changed what kind of immersion you were willing to take on?

6) Did your activities open a topic you would like to explore more in the future? Do you feel motivated to engage with this topic in person in the future? How did your activities challenge any ideas you might have had coming into your topic? If you are not motivated to explore this topic more in the future, why is that?

7) What interesting facts did you learn about the history and culture of the location/destination you researched?

Use the template below for your Virtual Expedition/Exploration write-up.

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