Covid-19 Tools & Tips

All program accommodations implemented due to COVID-19 will be upheld through DECEMBER 31, 2022. Virtual Expeditions have been extended indefinitely. 

Tools and tips for navigating The Congressional Award during COVID-19

A letter to our community:

We realize this is an uncertain time and it is becoming increasingly difficult to complete your Congressional Award activities.

Luckily, our program is designed to be flexible for participants and our team remains available for you as we enter uncharted territory together.

We’ll get through this together by extending our kindness, keeping healthy, and remaining connected virtually.

Your friends at The Congressional Award


It’s helpful to remember…

1) Participants have until their 24th birthday to complete any level of the award, removing any perceived timeline pressure and allowing participants to safely and comfortably complete their activities.

2) Activities DO NOT have to be logged in consecutive months. You may pause your goals and resume them at any point, completing the program at your own pace.

3) Through December 31, 2022, our team is will show more leniency with direct vs. indirect service requirements, enabling participants to complete the bulk of their activities from the safety of their homes. 

4) Participants may change or adjust their goals to suit social distancing and self-isolation practices.

5) Virtual Expeditions/Explorations can now be submitted with a completed Record Book indefinitely. 


Creative service ideas that fit social distancing

-Meeting immediate needs: Making and/or securing PPE (personal protective equipment) like masks, face shields, isolation gowns, disposable gloves to be donated to health workers.

-Volunteering remotely for non-profit organizations

-Assisting public schools with the implementation of remote learning and/or helping educators with grading/administrative work

-Virtual tutoring/mentoring

-Packaging and delivering essential supplies to the elderly or home-bound or to students who rely on meals from their schools

-Organizing digital fundraisers for non-profits or crisis response groups

-Writing letters to those serving in the armed forces abroad, children in medical isolation, or persons under quarantine

-Making articles of clothing for hospital patients

-Donating blood the safe way

-Making signs and writing thank you notes for first responders, hospital staff, and medical workers.

Many organizations are offering free online classes, webinars, and workshops that can be completed from home. These may be creative solutions to accomplish goals in other programs like Personal Development and Physical Fitness.



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