Lane Mitchell

How did you earn your award?

Volunteer Public Service: I mentored elementary children in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and served on an Anti-Bullying Coalition where we shared information and implemented events to make youth aware of bullying and ways to combat it. 

Physical Fitness: I increased my running endurance and speed.

Expedition/Exploration: I learned to sail and scuba dive and explored the greatest unknown frontier left in our world, studying marine life and coral reefs in the British Virgin Island’s. 

Personal Development: I increased my technology and speaking skills in order to be better prepared for my future.


What are your current ambitions?

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Christian Ministry and hope to one day be a strong candidate for a doctoral program. I want to do my best to serve my Lord and be equipped to best help others.


Where do you find your motivation?

My motivation comes from my desire to help others, and I want to be equipped to best serve where God sends me.


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