Maya Srikantan

I started the award during the Covid-19 pandemic, shortly after I turned 13 ½ years old. It was challenging and extremely rewarding to achieve my personal goals over twenty-four months. The opportunity to serve as a Congressional Award Ambassador deeply resonates with my passion for community engagement. 

I earned The Congressional Award through my activities in the following 4 categories: 

Voluntary Public Service: 

For Voluntary Public Service, I volunteered at the Orlando Science Center in the Catalyst Youth Volunteer program. I assisted guests with hands-on STEM activities and conducted experiments and demonstrations. During the summer, I was a camp counselor for kids ages five through eight. I also volunteered over 100 hours at my local foodbank and helped package food containers for those in need.

Personal Development

For the personal development section, I pursued my musical passion, the violin. I am a member of a rigorous community orchestra that meets weekly to practice and hosts five concerts for the community throughout the year. Additionally, I compete amongst my peers in school district and state competitions. 

Physical Fitness

I have been playing tennis since the age of four. With my coach, I set goals to improve my fitness and tennis skills. I have been on the high school Varsity Tennis team since my freshman year, playing both singles and doubles. 


I planned an expedition to visit India. I researched the itinerary and activities for a week long trip through historical areas of Northern India. It was thrilling and challenging to plan a trip for my family. I am a foodie and loved learning about all the varied cuisine we were able to sample. I was able to learn a few Hindi phrases and I am now learning the language. 

My current ambitions center around committing myself to meaningful initiatives that have a positive impact on my community. Among these endeavors, I found my passion in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in Florida, and as a result, I serve as the President of the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club at my school. I use my platform to create a welcoming inclusive space. As a Girl Scout Ambassador, I am currently working on my Gold Award project. My project aims to provide eyeglasses and vision screening to low-income communities in India, through partnering with an eye clinic in Chennai, India. 

I find my motivation through engaging in activities and projects that expose me to new ideas and challenges. I recognize that I am on a journey to discover my passions and purpose. I feel grateful that I have supportive parents, teachers, and coaches who inspire and motivate me to constantly improve and evolve.