Wyatt Griffin

How did you earn The Congressional Award?

Voluntary Public Service: I spent a majority of my public service working through the 4-H program where I helped younger members learn how to be better leaders and care for their 4-H livestock projects. I have been a Junior Leader through the program for many years and am currently on the Wyoming State 4-H Leadership team. I have led many Youth Quality Assurance classes, helped with local livestock show clinics, and pioneered a county wide program called Pandemic Pen Pals where local 4-H members would write letters to older people in our senior centers who were isolated due to the pandemic. The 4-H program has made me who I am and I love helping out other kids.


Personal Development: My personal development journey mostly involved theater and music. I tried out for and got the role of Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family Musical at our high school where I had to sing, dance, and act, and I participated in the Wyoming All State Marching Band where we got to perform throughout the state and even at the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld. Having to sing in front of so many people was nerve wracking, but it ended up being so fun and one of the best experiences ever.


Personal Fitness: I wrestled and took up golf for both spring and fall seasons to reach my personal fitness goals. I also took up running and ran a half marathon. It nearly killed me but it felt so good to have finished! Because of the experiences I had in reaching my personal fitness goals, this year I decided to take up Alpine Skiing this winter too. The congressional award program really made me enjoy staying active and took away any excuses I might have had for not continuing to participate in sports.


Expedition: My expedition journey took me to North Dakota for my Silver Congressional Medal and to Houston for my Gold Congressional Medal (currently under consideration). Both trips helped me gain a better understanding of what big cities have to offer. I enjoy living in a very small town in Wyoming, but it was nice having exposure to so many museums, restaurants, and cultures.  The highlight for me of both trips was getting to visit the endangered Red Pandas at the zoo in North Dakota. From both trips I learned that it is inevitable that things will not go exactly as planned no matter how much effort you put into planning something, so you should learn how to regroup and roll with the punches.

What are your current ambitions?

Much to my parents’ dismay, my ambitions aren’t set in stone yet. I do know that whatever I decide to do I will give it everything I have to be successful. I graduate from high school next year and will go to college. Choosing a major is where I struggle the most. I’m interested in history, law, and biological sciences so that variety makes it hard to choose where to go and what to major in. I am so excited at the thought of the new experiences and challenges that college will bring!

Where do you find your motivation?

I find my motivation in just living. I am a hard worker by nature. I have never been one to just sit around and do nothing. Working with animals through the 4-H program has taught me to be responsible, regardless of the time of day or activity. Animals can’t feed and water themselves or clean their own pens. And, they don’t care if it’s below zero and dark outside or if you have school. So, for me life is a motivator. You only live once

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