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This Valentine’s Day, The Congressional Award is teaming up with Wish of a Lifetime from AARP for their 10th annual Cupid Crew. In a nationwide effort to connect with older adults at risk for isolation, Cupid Crew volunteers deliver cards and roses to older adults to create connections that help them feel recognized and appreciated. Cupid Crew has impacted over half a million older Americans by delivering 580,000 cards and roses. Sending a card may seem simple, but the effect is extraordinary.

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Make someone’s Valentine’s Day extra special and earn hours towards your Voluntary Public Service goals!


We are excited to see the impact you are making in the lives of older adults in your community. In order to share your experience and inspire others to get involved, we would love for you to submit a photo and a reflection of you writing your letter.

In the form below, you’ll have the opportunity to share:

  • Photo/video content of yourself writing your letter or care package
  • A reflection on what inspired you to participate in the Cupid Crew campaign
  • A description of the experience of writing your letter or care package
  • How you hope your letter or care package will impact the life of the older adult you are sending it to

Your submission will help us showcase the impact of the Cupid Crew campaign and encourage others to get involved. Thank you for your participation and for making a difference in the lives of older adults in your community!

Join the Cupid Crew this Valentine's Day!

Wish of a Lifetime’s Cupid Crew decade-long initiative is back again! Join us in creating heartfelt cards with the goal of reaching about a quarter million of older adults this year. 

Get creative with your messages, and share a poem or a kind word. A sincere message can help older adults feel more connected and appreciated by their communities. Visit their website to learn more about this nationwide effort.

Not sure where to send a card?

The residents of Christian Care Communities are happy to receive a Valentine’s Day card from you! They provide non-profit senior living and long-term care for older adults across Kentucky. Visit their website if you would like to learn more about their communities.

You may send your cards to their given address:

Christian Care Communities

Attn: Jamie Campbell

12710 Townepark Way, Louisville, KY 40243