Eric Fernandez


Senior Program Manager (South Region)

Eric Fernandez | LinkedIn

Eric comes to Washington D.C. with a backpack full of dreams and a canteen full of coffee. Originally from Northern Nevada, Eric spent the last couple of years serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cambodia.

Ask Me About 

Program Registration, Record Books, program partnerships, youth organizations, school groups, and where to find the best coffee in D.C.

Why I Joined the Congressional Award 

 The Congressional Award recognizes one of the most profound groups of people to reside in the country: the youth. No collection of people can create the biggest impact and shine the brightest, and the Congressional Award seeks to highlight those individuals.

Program Area Highlight 

Eric is volunteering his time with people, doing what he can to serve the needs of his community, and create sustainable practices that will reverberate beyond his being. 

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