Jordan Lindsey, Ph.D.


Program Director + Chief Innovation Officer

Jordan Lindsey | LinkedIn 

Jordan is originally from Orange County, CA and lived in Scotland attending the University of Edinburgh before moving to D.C. He listens to a lot of music, has too many hobbies, and loves learning. He has his PhD in Communication Culture and Media Studies from Howard University. 

Ask Me About
Program Registration, Record Books, and Events.

Why I Joined the Congressional Award
The Congressional Award is Congress’ only charity, and a nonprofit organization based on values that help unite people. I love working to bring diverse groups of people together to celebrate and encourage everyone’s great accomplishments. 

Program Area Highlight
Jordan was a track and field athlete in high school and college and continues to try and maintain his physical fitness on a regular basis. His favorite events are in sprints and jumps but tries to work on exercises that build his endurance and upper body strength as well.  

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