“With more than 30 years of experience in congressional and public affairs as well as political and strategic communications, Kathy Didawick joined Strategic Elements as a Strategic Partner in 2022. Kathy’s role focuses on grassroots, grasstops, public affairs, political communications, and issue advocacy campaign work.

Before joining Strategic Elements, Kathy served as Vice President, Political and External Affairs for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a national federation of 35 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. She has led political and external activities by managing and directing all political advocacy, political action committee engagement, and third-party activities. She also lobbied on healthcare issues, ensured a well-suited position with congressional leadership, and directed a successful team to manage the political action committee development and Plan programs. In addition, Kathy also worked on congressional campaigns, serving on the staff of three U.S. Senators and was deputy assistant at the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Didawick serves on the Board of Directors for The Congressional Award and is President of the Dovetail Group.”

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