The Participant Feedback Survey

Together we can nurture growth in ourselves, our communities, and our connections with others.

The main focus of The Congressional Award is to encourage America’s youth to develop the confidence to set goals for themselves and develop the skills they need for success. Knowing how participants of the program feel about their experience is essential for keeping the program on track.

Why this survey?

We want to make sure that all program participants have the chance to contribute their story and experience of The Congressional Award program, so we can develop better programming, help Congress recognize our nation’s incredible youth, and secure the funding and resources needed to keep The Congressional Award program strong.

How your contribution helps

As the United States Congress’ only non-profit, our purpose is to promote initiative, service, and achievement in America’s youth across the country. The Participant Feedback survey is a critical way for us to make sure we are doing our best to keep The Congressional Award program accessible and provide the resources and opportunities that participants need to be successful—both in the program and out. The Participant Feedback survey is where we get to hear from the participants of the program where The Congressional Award program has succeeded, or where we can improve, based on their experiences. We’ll use the data we collect from the survey to:
  • Measure the outcomes of Congressional Award programming and events
  • Ensure that participant voices are heard consistently and accurately
  • Provide reports to Congress on constituent successes and program milestones
  • Apply for funding to support The Congressional Award Foundation and future programming.