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The beauty of the Congressional Award program is that all young people, regardless of their situation, can qualify for an award.  The program works to accommodate youth with special needs or disabilities, to ensure that any barriers are removed that could prohibit a participant from earning any level of the Congressional Award.

The Congressional Award program is all about personal challenge.  While the National Office maintains the integrity and requirements of the award, we know that each student has individual needs, skill-sets and abilities.  Should a participant request a special accommodation, all requests should be submitted in writing.  Program Managers are able to pre-approve goals and activities that may amend a requirement or provide additional resources to meet goals. Accommodations are provided on a case by case basis.  

Please note that The Congressional Award does not look at citizenship status for youth participants. The only requirement is for participants to live in the United States, US Territories, or Military Bases overseas and have access to a valid mailing address within those locations to be eligible.

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