How to Get Started

1. Participants Register for the Congressional Award

Participants must first register in order to begin pursing the Congressional Award. Participants can register and pay the one-time registration fee below.

The day you register is your “activity start date” or the day you may begin counting activity toward the program. You may not count activities logged prior to your registration.

Eligible for a waived registration fee?

Participants who qualify for their school’s free or reduced lunch program due to financial status may have their registration fee waived. If you qualify, please follow the instructions and submit the proper documentation on the form below.

2. Plan your goals and activities

Visit the current participants page for more helpful resources on how to write SMART goals and find inspiration for activities in each program area. This page also provides detail on how to create a Submittable account, which is required for saving your progress and eventually submitting a Record Book.

Ikbal Mahamat
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Have you previously registered?


Participants only need to submit one registration

for the entirety of their participation in the program. Submitting a duplicate registration will skew your membership record. If you have already registered for the program, please do not complete this registration form. If you have questions about your registration status please contact your program manager


Registration Form

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