The Congressional Award Foundation has partnered with Intuit, the global financial technology platform that makes Intuit TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, to offer our first ever personal and entrepreneurial finance program to help students, and their educators, own their financial future. 

Available for students and educators, this program not only teaches financial literacy topics, including building credit, bank accounts, savings, insurance and more, but also uses Intuit’s real-world tools to give students the ability to apply what they’ve learned to real-life scenarios — like building a budget, filing taxes, paying for college, or managing a side hustle.

Often challenging financial topics are made easy with each module. As a bonus – all hours can be used toward your Personal Development goal.

A message from Congresswoman Joyce Beatty,
a member of the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services

Do you feel prepared to make financial decisions to set yourself up for lifelong success?

Are you interested in starting your own business or working for yourself?

Empower yourself as you learn best practices for managing person and entrepreneurial finances, creating a foundation to be financially confident. Start and stop based on your schedule, and access 150+ hours of curriculum across 13 units with real-world topics and games.


Get Started with the Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Program

Please read the instructions below to take you through the program step-by-step.
This endeavor will earn you hours toward your Personal Development goal as you work toward any level of the Award!

Before you get started, you must register to earn your Congressional Award. Remember that hours toward your goals only start contributing after your registration.

Then, you must register with Intuit for Education to access the financial literacy content:

Students: Use the Student Portal Link

Teachers: Use the Educator Portal

The first step in earning hours towards your personal development goals is by going to Intuit’s online curriculum and completing coursework from the personal and entrepreneurial finance playlist. Our online curriculum will help you learn key financial concepts and how to apply your knowledge using real world tools. 

Personal Finance Curriculum

The Intuit Personal Finance curriculum provides the information you need to become financially literate as you move into adulthood, including:

  • Importance of financial capability
  • Money making decision
  • Banking
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Credit
  • Investing
  • Career planning
  • Paying for college
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Economics

Entrepreneurial Finance Curriculum

The Intuit Entrepreneurial Finance curriculum helps you develop the foundational financial knowledge needed to succeed, including:

  • Financial planning and analysis – monitoring and forecasting business finances
  • Financing strategies to help small business raise funds
  • Financial management and control, including managing risk
  • Exit strategies and business valuation

It’s time to take your knowledge and skills to the next level and help others along their personal finance journey. 

Check out Financial Beginnings USA Virtual Volunteer Opportunities.

Be sure to include your activities when you submit for your Award at any level! Questions about submitting? Visit our page for current participants.

Once you have completed The Congressional Award Foundation Personal Finance Curriculum, please share your story to help us enhance the program for future students.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey!

We are excited to see the impact you are making in your journey toward financial independence and entrepreneurship. To share your experience and inspire others to get involved, we would love for you to submit a photo and a reflection of your participation in our new Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Program.

In the form below, you’ll have the opportunity to share:

  • Photo/video content of yourself working on your personal finance, small business, or entrepreneurial endeavors
  • A reflection on what inspired you to participate
  • A description of your experience with the new Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Program
  • How you hope the skills and knowledge you’ve gained will impact your future

Your submission will help us showcase your progress and encourage others to join the program.

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